What you always wanted to know about hair micrografts

Hair’s an important part of our physical appearance, since it’s a sign of good health and of youth and it also helps us to feel more self-confident. Disorders like hair loss can affect a person so deeply that a problem of good looks turns into one of self-esteem. 

Nevertheless, thanks to current technology these conditions can be treated with processes that range from injections in the initial stages of hair loss to hair transplants in the later more severe cases. 

If you have any questions about hair transplanting, as follows we explain everything you’ve always wanted to know about it. 

Hair transplanting

If you’re interested in this procedure, you should be aware that it’s a simple, almost risk-free treatment, but it’s important that it be carried out by doctors who are experts in the techniques to be applied for its success. 

The first step in the process consists of uprooting the hair follicles from the donor area usually located in the nape or lower back of the head where the follicles are more resistant to falling out. 

These hair follicles are then micro grafted into the affected area while being careful to adequately imitate the direction of the hair’s natural growth. The follicle is extracted with a special piece of equipment that makes tiny eight-tenths to one millimeter incisions in the scalp. These holes heal in about a day, and they are so small they leave scarcely visible marks. 

Can your body reject the hair micro grafts?

Many people are concerned their body will reject the micro grafts but there’s no need for concern. Since the patient’s own hair follicles from a similar part of the body are used and because they have the same fall-resistant gene, there’s no risk of rejection. 

Even though the hair follicles are removed from the donor area and grafted into the receiver area, as long as the treatment is done under suitable conditions by an expert physician there’s no chance the body will reject the micro grafting. 

Frequent Questions about the Process

Even though a hair micro graft is simple, some details continue generating questions among patients. These are the answers to the frequent questions from those who are interested in the treatment. 

How long does the procedure last?

A hair micro graft generally lasts between four and eight hours, depending on the number of follicles transplanted. If it’s a matter of a thousand it could take less than six hours, while if we’re talking about two thousand then it would take close to eight. 

Is the treatment painful?

If the idea of pain makes you hesitate, you shouldn’t worry. The procedure is carried out with local anesthesia in the transplant areas, so you won’t feel pain during the procedure. 

Does the transplant require a lot of follow-up care?

The follow-up care the patient should carry out after the transplant is basic, but it’s fundamental that it be carried out diligently to guarantee the procedure’s success. 
All the details will be spelled out by the medical team upon finalizing the transplant, since the indications vary depending on the area treated and on the number of follicles micro grafted. 

When will the results of the micro grafting be visible?

This is one of the most frequent questions among patients and it’s also one of their greatest concerns. It’s necessary to keep in mind that hair growth comes in a natural way so seeing final results will take some time. 

After the third or fourth month, the first signs of growth begin to show. From then on the hair will continue to grow about one centimeter each month. Twelve months from the micro graft the patient can see close to a full effect.

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