By - Kaloni

How is the cost of a hair transplant determined?

When we decide to get some kind of beauty treatment done, it is exciting to think about how we will look, what the results will be, and what benefits it will bring, like feeling more comfortable in our own skin, for instance. We also look for options: who is the best in the field, where are the certified experts, where

Intuitive eating
By - Kaloni

Intuitive eating: listening and nourishing your body

Eating is a basic need that we have to cover in order to live and be healthy, but it is also an activity that we enjoy and brings us satisfaction. However, both men and women can sometimes fall into unhealthy relationships with food as a result of society’s mandates over what is beautiful or what we should look like. And

By - Kaloni

Jobs that some people believe are only for women

As societies evolved and different forms of government took shape, tasks were assigned to each sector of the population, and gender roles began to define the working lives of men and women.  Across millennia, work duties related to care, assistance, household chores, and child rearing, were thought to be meant for women, who were also expected to demonstrate obedience and