By - Kaloni

I am a man and, yes, I got a cosmetic procedure done

I made the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure because I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror. I tried other methods, and I ruled out the possibility of surgery, but I was still upset with the flaws in my appearance. 

Before the procedure, I was really struggling with my self-esteem. Everyone said that I looked great, but I still did not feel comfortable with how I looked. The image I had of myself in my mind did not match with what I saw in the mirror. 

My self-esteem has done a 180 since my cosmetic procedure. To be honest, though, it was a bit of a shock at first; it is definitely a journey

Arriving at this point was a very long process: I met with five doctors before choosing the one who felt right. The first thing I did was look on the internet; I found a few names and did some research.

I was not sure whether doctors would understand what I was looking for, since, most of the time, it is women who want to improve their appearance. However, all the doctors I met said that it was becoming increasingly common for men to undergo cosmetic procedures. They reassured me and gave me advice. Now I know that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are for anyone who wants to look and feel better.

The first doctor I met said that he could make me look like “a Ferrari” with only one surgery, and that he could achieve anything I wanted. But I did not like his pretentious tone. I focused on even the smallest details; after all, it was a big risk. 

The second doctor I met sent me a text message saying that she would be two hours late. Then, she sent me another one, saying that we would have to reschedule the appointment. I ruled her out because I was afraid that, if I had an emergency, she would not be available, and I did not want to risk it. 

Once I had an idea of how much the average procedure cost, I met with a third doctor, who gave me a ridiculous estimate. His clinic was pretty bare-bones, and when I did my research, I learned that he had run into some trouble with health and safety complaints. For me, this was a big red flag that I could not ignore.

The fourth doctor I met worked at a renowned hospital, so I felt that I could trust him more. Also, the cost estimate that he gave me was within the budget I was considering. He was very kind and had years of experience, which reassured me even more.

The fifth doctor I met was recommended by a friend. I was very upfront about what I wanted from the get-go, and the first thing he said was: “I am not going to do something crazy because, first of all, this is about your health and your appearance. In the end, your results will speak of my work, so I cannot let you leave looking wrong. And I do not want to have to fix any mistakes later just because we were trying to meet unrealistic expectations.”

From that moment on, I really felt that I could trust him. He explained the entire procedure to me: how it worked, what would happen, what it would affect, as well as the pros and cons. He also provided two cost estimates, which depended on the hospital. 

The doctor was well-spoken, and talked to me with respect and empathy. I could tell that he did not just want to sell the procedure to me: he wanted to instill security in me, and that was what made up my mind. The cost was somewhere between what the first and the fourth doctor said, but I still wanted him to perform my procedure.

The two aspects that helped me make a decision were:

1- Checking to see whether the doctor was certified. Plastic surgeons get certified periodically, and this doctor had the most recent certification, as well as many previous ones. These certifications came from the plastic surgery board.

2- I felt reassured by his overall demeanor and sincerity. 

Choosing a certified doctor is very important because, as I soon learned, there are cosmetic surgeons, and there are plastic surgeons. They are not the same thing.

I already had a good idea of what the cost would be because Google usually shows the average price, and it made sense to meet the other doctors because they were nearby and similar. However, in the end, the cost was different, since each doctor came up with a different plan, which had to be tailored to the patient, since every patient is different. A friend of mine underwent a procedure with him, and her cost was different because her needs were.

As soon as the procedure was done, I regretted it due to the pain and discomfort. But I soon realized that I did not regret it at all, and that it was only a temporary feeling. Now that I am enjoying my results, I am extremely happy and have no regrets.

Looking back on it and searching for the words to express how I feel, I must say that there was a mourning period that turned out very well, since, after this procedure, I wanted to start over again, do more things, strive for more, and move forward, little by little. When I underwent this cosmetic procedure, I left a part of myself behind. 

Making a decision to undergo surgery requires a personal commitment to take care of yourself, so that you obtain optimal, long-lasting results. You have to do things right. It makes no sense to spend all that money if you will ultimately go back to old habits that will only hinder your results.

Regardless of your age or whether you are a man or a woman, the most important thing is to be sure. 

My outlook on life and people changed. I started dressing differently and experimenting with my looks, and I now dare to do things I had never tried before.

I came to terms with myself and my reflection, and I have absolutely no regrets.

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