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HAIR offers you the most advanced technology to deal with this condition with processes which range from mesotherapy micro injections for those in the first stages to micro grafting for others in the advanced.


With the FUE technique, hair can be applied on the head as well as on different parts of the face, making it possible to micro graft follicles on the beard and mustache to increase density, fill gaps, or just improve the design.


With our specialized technique, we can apply hair on different parts of the face. By controlling the necessary aspects of the micrograft, the beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows that you wish for can be real.

Micrograft Kaloni by zone

Micrograft Kaloni
by zone

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By using state of the art instruments, we optimize the extraction and transplant process, avoiding the use of tweezers or the excessive handling of follicles.
We manually graft the follicles controlling the direction, angle and depth to provide the best results according to the facial characteristics of each patient.
We created a line of products that improve the follicle´s health and appearance.
Our patients can return to their normal activities in a few days.
At Kaloni scarring and pain are minimal. We use specialized micro instruments designed to facilitate hair extraction and transplant, avoiding the use of scalpels and other invasive instruments.

Hair restoration treatment

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Through a microcapilographic analysis we calculate the density of the donor area as well as that of the areas affected by hair loss.
This first step helps us identify the cause of the hair loss in order to recommend the appropriate treatment.

Follicle extraction

Using a micro extractor, the follicles that are genetically resistant to balding are extracted. After extraction, the follicles are prepared for transplantation.
The procedure is done under local anesthesia.

Follicle classification

Once obtained, follicles are classified under a microscope by number of hairs.

After classification, they are submerged in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to keep them nourished and prepare them for transplantation.

Micro transplant procedure

Each hair is grafted following the hair’s different growth patterns: angle, direction and depth. With our expert’s dedication and experience, the results are long lasting and natural looking.
The testosterone resistant genetic information, prevents transplanted hair from falling out again.

Follow-up during your procedure

After the procedure is finished, we continue monitoring the progress of each case, making sure that the hair loss problems don’t return and that and any scalp issue is properly taken care of.

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