Key information about hair micrograft

A healthy diet based on rich and varied foods will always contribute to optimal hair growth. We are what we eat, and the more varied our diet, the healthier our hair will grow. In today’s blog, we will talk about the minerals that encourage hair growth, and we’ll tell you which foods you can find…
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The most difficult stage in your journey toward getting your hair back is coming, so hang in there! It’s been more than four weeks since your procedure, and you’re probably noticing some big changes already. The transplant site might even look balder than before, but there’s no reason to worry. Remember that this is a…
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In this new blog entry, we will answer your questions about Online Evaluation, so you can receive specialized, expert medical attention from the comfort of your own home before your hair transplant procedure.    What does the Online Evaluation consist of?  It is a practical way to receive a diagnosis of your degree of alopecia,…
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Mexico will welcome the 6th Latin American FUE Technical Workshop, and Kaloni will be one of the hosts. See you in Cancun on February 26th to 29th, 2020.

Does depression cause hair loss?

As mentioned in previous articles, alopecia can be caused by multiple factors and one of them is a person’s emotional side. In today’s blog we address how depression influences hair loss.

The entangled mess of hair you find in your comb, brush or the shower are not always warning signs. Normally we lose from 100 to 150 hairs a day.

Stages of Hair Growth

If you want to find out why we find hair everywhere even in our soup, keep reading. You’ll learn all about hair’s growth cycle.

Hair Loss throughout History

Human beings have always tried to resolve hair loss using ointments even with excrement and wigs in keeping with social traditions.

What kind of doctors perform hair micrografts? Trichology is a medical specialty within the field of dermatology studying and treating hair pathologies.

In November the foundations Movember and No Shave November invite men worldwide to let their mustache and bear grow to raise awareness about men’s health.