Is it true that biotin contributes to hair growth?


Biotin is a B-complex vitamin, also called vitamin B7 or vitamin H, whose mission becomes essential for various vital functions of our body. One of its principal responsibilities is: to help in obtaining energy through macronutrients (lipids, fats, and proteins) and serve as a precursor for the formation of various amino acids and fatty acids.

It is a reality to affirm that biotin contributes to the acceleration of the metabolism of amino acids and proteins of the hair. As Dr. Mozzi, a specialist consultant at Kaloni hair clinics in Madrid, explains:

“The hair is formed by three layers; the internal and measured layer are formed by certain specific amino acids and, on the other hand, keratin which is a protein constituted by sixteen amino acids that constitute the formation of the external layer of the hair.”

Dr. Dinora Mozzi

Sources of biotin for hair growth

Since the vitamin biotin is not synthesized by the body, the human body needs to obtain it from various sources, among which we highlight: nuts, seeds, red meat, salmon, fruits such as bananas and avocados, on the other hand, some vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach, and carrots, as well as whole grains.

Also, nowadays, nutritional supplements with high doses of biotin can be found in their composition, which, their constant and controlled consumption exerts a beneficial impact on the health of the hair. This is what Dr. Dinora Mozzi says:

“The basal levels for the optimal functioning of our organism are insufficient compared to the levels necessary for our hair health.”

Taking into account the information that is currently known about this vitamin, updates have been made in the treatments to make them more effective, such as in hair mesotherapy, which in its composition, biotin is essential, in combination with other nutrients, exerting a greater effect on the follicular bulb and consequently, in optimal hair growth.

The Kaloni medical team urges all those who are immersed in a hair loss disorder to follow the news on our blog carefully so that, thanks to the institutional medical quality of its content, they can opt for the most advanced procedures and treatments against hair loss.

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