Do you know your degree of alopecia?

Do you know your degree of alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia is the loss of hair on account of factors associated with genes. This type of hair loss is the most common among men and, lamentably, it’s a progressive process. Although the condition isn’t the same for everyone, the Hamilton-Norwood scale does classify the different degrees of loss. 

The Norwood scale is a classification system that allows us to diagnose each patient’s degree of hair loss for the purpose being able to offer an effective solution in each particular case. 

No matter what clinic you decide on to have your hair treatment, some instruments are needed to carry out your transplant in the best way posible. It’s advisable for you to find out about the kind of medical technology you should require to enjoy the best possible results from your hair surgery. Therefore, as follows, we present you with a list of the points you should consider before having your procedure done. 

The scale is divided into seven different stages.

Phase 1 involves minimal hair loss. 

Phase 2 presents small recessions in the forehead area, the entrance ways. The hair begins to fall out a little and its thickness lessens. At this stage preventive treatments are usually effective. 

Phase 3 still involves minimal hair loss but it’s already considered actual loss. At this stage the entrance ways are more defined and hair from the top of the head begins to fall out. Treatments continue to have good results. 

Phase 4 means little hair remains on the front part of the head and the back part presents more significant loss. 

Phase 5 involves a narrowing of the hair border that separates the entrance ways from the crown. The hair loss continues in both areas. The treatments fail to produce results and so open the way for surgical procedures like hair transplants. 

Phase 6 joins together the entrance ways and the crown, creating a single wide area without hair. Surgical procedures can restore the affected area and with good results. 

Phase 7 is the final most severe stage of hair loss, when only a strip of hair remains on the lower back part of the head. Only surgical procedures can restore lost hair now. 

The treatments against hair loss promote good health and the growth of the remaining hair. Nevertheless, only surgical procedures manage to restore the areas affected by the loss with effective results. 

For the purpose of minimizing, slowing down or reversing the effects of hair loss, we advise you to approach an expert who can give you a reliable diagnosis and offer you a suitable treatment to attack your problem at its root. 

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