Doctors Specializing in Hair Transplants


As previously mentioned in this blog, a hair micrograft is an ambulatory medical procedure which therefore should be performed in a suitable place by trained, expert health professionals who can efficiently respond as needed over the course of the procedure. Now we look at hair transplant specialists. 

Hair transplant doctors

Since a hair transplant is a medical procedure, health care professionals attend to the patient the whole time. Doctors and nurses intervene at every step, from the preoperative briefing to the follow-up care. Even though it’s only an outpatient procedure, it’s still complex and requires the participation of general practitioners and specialists. 


Surgeons are doctors who can prevent, diagnose and cure sicknesses through surgery. In most countries the degree in surgery is granted to specialists. In some countries surgeons graduate as Medical Surgeons, which is not to be confused with General Surgeons who first complete a Residency of four to five years. According to the World Health Organization 2012, surgery is defined as any procedure performed in an operating room which entails cutting, manipulating and/or stitching a tissue and usually requires local, spinal or general anesthesia. 


Trichology is the science within dermatology which entails the study of hair and the scalp, while trichologists are the medical specialists who diagnose and cure sickness in these areas as well as advise patients on related health care. 

In practice, trichologists certified by internationally recognized universities diagnose the causes of hair loss, its breaking, thinning and shrinking. They can evaluate a scalp disorder and recommend cosmetic treatment in accord with its cause. In constant preparation to refine their work, trichologists interact with and assist dermatologists and surgeons specializing in trichology and hair transplanting. 


Dermatology is a medical specialty studying skin structure and function and its related illnesses including diagnosis, prevention and treatment. The medical specialist or dermatologist is a medical school graduate who then specializes in dermatology to be able to diagnose and treat skin diseases and perform surgery. His background also includes Rheumatology, Immunology, Neurology, Endocrinology and a knowledge of infectious diseases. 

A dermatologist may specialize in alopecia or abnormal hair loss from the scalp, face, eyebrows or other areas where hair grows. 


Anesthesiology is the medical specialty that focuses on special patient care and attention during surgery. Anesthesiologists, the doctors who practice in this field, also treat acute and chronic patient pain outside of surgery as well as handle postoperative recovery. 

Kaloni Medical Team 

In Kaloni we rely on highly-trained experts and we have more than twenty years of experience in performing hair transplants. We`re at the forefront of hair transplant methodology and technology and our clinics meet the highest international health and hygiene standards. Moreover, we have specialized medical instruments and the latest technology for hair diagnosis. 

Kaloni is a pioneering leader in hair micrografting and is therefore your ally to conquer the problem of alopecia. In addition to having specialized centers equipped with the latest technology, we carry out personalized diagnoses on the basis of each patient’s specific expectations, characteristics and needs so that each gets the attention he deserves. Furthermore, we provide ongoing medical follow-up and support. 

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