Hair Micro grafting at Kaloni: the entrance ways and crown

Hair micro grafting is, without dispute, one of the most advanced options for recovering lost hair. But what hair areas can be transplanted with this technique? 

Today we wish to show you the different areas where it’s possible to implant hair, especially those most affected by hair loss, the forehead entrance ways and the crown. 

Hair loss on the forehead entrance ways and on the crown is common among men who suffer Androgenic alopecia also known as common baldness. Almost 85% of them are victims of its ravages, so we can be sure that this is the most widespread type of hair loss. While the consequences of hair loss increase, men begin to note perceptible changes in their image which progress considerably over time. A great number of men affected by this condition look for solutions to put their hair back on and recover the image they projected before. Because of this the two most generic and common models of hair transplant are micro grafts in the forehead entrance ways and in the crown areas. 

To cover these least populated areas, hair follicles are extracted from the lower back part of the head or donor area. The implants are later done in accord with the angle of growth, the depth and the exact direction of the follicles already in place to bring about a natural looking result. 

After the extraction, the experts at Kaloni agree on how important it is to submerge the follicles in plasma rich platelets (PRP) for the purpose of maintaining them with the highest quality nourishment posible in preparation for finally implanting them. 

When the donor area is limited or deficient, Kaloni understands that the patient isn’t a suitable candidate for a hair micro graft and offers him an alternative in keeping with his specific needs. At Kaloni it’s most important to obtain optimal results for each patient and not to just carry out countless procedures no matter what. 

The loss of hair most commonly stabilizes at 55 or 60 years old. You should keep in mind then that even though the micro graft has been successful the rest of the hair will continue its genetically determined fate. Nevertheless, even when the hair begins to thin over the years our surgeon’s design will help maintain a natural look. 

The micro graft in the forehead entrance ways area is required by some people who, though they don’t suffer alopecia, wish to alter their hair line. The design in these circumstances is more exacting since it reconstructs the face frame and should be in keeping with a person’s natural looks. This kind of procedure requires two sessions to avoid harming the vascularization of the skin, since the forehead area in particular lacks hair and should achieve just as natural a thickness as the rest of the hair. 

It’s important to mention that after the treatment it’s necessary to keep the following suggestions in mind: avoid direct exposure to the sun, be careful to avoid any aggression in the treated area and to protect a little scab that falls off a few days later. The eagerly expected results will only become visible between six and eight months after the procedure, the time necessary for the follicles to adapt and achieve their natural development. The final result can only be seen a year after the procedure. 

In summary and by way of synthesis, the micro graft on the forehead entrance ways and crown is a simple and efficient procedure that is highly recommended to transform the appearance of anyone who has lost his hair. This kind of treatment is without a doubt an effective solution to restore your lost hair. Thanks to effective results, hair implants are reaching stratospheric levels of popularity. Many famous actors, politicians and soccer players experience an evident rejuvenation. 

Whether it’s a medical or aesthetic case, come in for an expert diagnosis and a quote based on your specific needs. 

At Kaloni we’ll offer you a complimentary evaluation and an ideal treatment to solve your hair loss problems. 

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