Do you know the instruments needed for your hair transplant?

A hair transplant has undergone an extensive process of evolution in order to achieve the high performance that exists today. The path has been slow and complex due to the missing instrumentation in its beginnings, but these advances have been possible thanks to the patience and dedication of doctors who, like Dr. Ariel Diaz, have…
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We know that alopecia is a condition that affects almost half of the population from the age of 30 and that with age this problem becomes more evident. Therefore, it is more and more frequent to find different solutions to control hair loss and reduce the effects of baldness. We have already talked about some…
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These are the protocols that will remain to ensure the best experience, safety, and confidence in Kaloni clinics.

The most difficult stage in your journey toward getting your hair back is coming, so hang in there! It’s been more than four weeks since your procedure, and you’re probably noticing some big changes already. The transplant site might even look balder than before, but there’s no reason to worry. Remember that this is a…
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In this new blog entry, we will answer your questions about Online Evaluation, so you can receive specialized, expert medical attention from the comfort of your own home before your hair transplant procedure.    What does the Online Evaluation consist of?  It is a practical way to receive a diagnosis of your degree of alopecia,…
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There are pros and cons to hair transplant. Not all men are candidates for this procedure, but if you are it’s important for you to know the following.

Hair micro grafting has undergone an extensive process of evolution to reach the high growth yields we have today. The path has been slow and complex due to scarce instruments at

The procedure and its results In countless cases of alopecia or hair loss it’s indispensable to have recourse to hair transplanting since it’s one of the most effective alternatives for restoring hair.

Hair’s an important part of our physical appearance, since it’s a sign of good health and of youth and it also helps us to feel more self-confident. Disorders like hair loss can affect a

At Kaloni we make an effort to improve the quality of life of men, and for more than a decade we’ve offered our patients a unique experience that includes medical experts and