Dihydrotestosterone (DTH) and hair loss

We know that hair loss is principally due to follicles falling out and without them it ́s impossible for the hair to grow back again. But have you noticed that hair from your nape, the lower back of the head, doesn’t fall out? Here we ́ll explain to you why. 

The hair follicles are the structures in which each hair is produced. Inside each one every hair comes to be, grows and remains for between two and six years before it gives way and makes room for a new hair follicle. The cycle repeats itself time and again throughout our lives. Nevertheless, the true culprit for hair loss is a hormone derived from testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It alters hair production in some hair follicles and provokes abnormal sensitivity and important disorders in them. This hormone is truly the responsible agent for hair loss. 

Men have two kinds of follicles. The first are sensitive to the hormone DHT, the second are resistant to it. Most of the follicles prone to falling out are located on the upper forehead and crown, and those located on the sides and lower back of the head are normally immune to it. Even though DHT acts on the follicles on the nape, the lower back of the head, and causes its habitual chemical reaction, their genetic strength simply doesn’t allow the hair to react and fall out. 

Now you know why these hair follicles from the lower back of the head are used for the micro grafting!

Let ́s not forget that there are different kinds of alopecia and that each one of them has a reason and a specific solution. As always, we invite you to make an appointment at your nearest clinic to receive an expert’s opinion and find the most effective solution in your case.

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