What to eat for healthy hair

What to eat for healthy hair

Although genes have a lot to do with your hair’s health, a balanced, nutrient-rich diet is your best ally when it comes to having full, non-greasy hair or, in other words, healthy hair.

When we brush our hair and notice latent hair loss, we usually associate it with alopecia, which affects one in three men over forty years old. However, we should keep in mind that, in many cases, hair loss is caused by a nutritional deficiency, which is why it’s so important to make sure that our diet is as healthy as possible, so we can have healthy hair as well.

Our hair is made up of the protein that stores keratin and minerals such as copper or silicon. This suggests that to have healthier, strong and shiny hair, it’s essential that we choose the nutrients that we include in our diet. Below we will list some of the foods you should eat to achieve this:

Proteins and vitamins: They are considered fundamental for having healthy and vigorous hair. They are found mostly in meat and seafood, but you can also find them in foods like eggs, milk, nuts, and legumes.

Fruits and vegetables: They are rich in vitamins A, B, and E, which strengthen your hair and encourage optimal growth. The absence of these ingredients in your diet would hinder the possibility of having healthy hair. 

Calcium: Found in milk and dairy. Consuming calcium daily is good for your hair’s growth. 

Minerals: Nutrients like iron are considered fundamental to keep hair from turning brittle, and you can find it in green vegetables and red meat. Another mineral that helps when hair is weak is magnesium, which is found in seeds, whole-wheat cereals, dried fruits, green-leaf vegetables, and legumes. Zinc, which can be found in foods like cucumber, helps increase your hair’s life cycle. Iodine, which comes from fish, encourages optimal hair growth, while copper, found in nuts, vegetables, and meat, improves pigmentation. 

Vegetable fat: These fats are found in olive oil and some dried fruits. They boost the natural hydration of healthy hair and keep hair from turning dry and brittle. 

Biotin and folic acid: Both are fundamental for optimal metabolic activity. You can find them in cereals, liver, eggs, orange juice, and vegetables.

Water: Its hydrating properties are essential for having healthy hair. Therefore, it’s recommended that you drink at least two and a half liters of water a day. 

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