Do you know which instruments are essential for your hair transplant?

Hair micro grafting has undergone an extensive process of evolution to reach the high growth yields we have today. The path has been slow and complex due to scarce instruments at the start but the advances have been possible thanks to the patience and dedication of physicians like Dr. Ariel Diaz who’ve dedicated their lives to the progress of hair micro grafting

The advance of innovative methodologies and the development of technological materials have made it possible to prepare, implant and attain more perfect micro grafts. In the beginnings punches holding between ten and twenty follicles were employed and produced a doll hair look. Little by little, the size of the micro grafts was reduced, and currently the procedures are carried out with follicular units defined as natural groupings of between one and four follicles. These allow for a highly natural appearance and an unprecedented increase in the hair density results

No matter what clinic you decide on for your hair treatment, all the necessary instruments are available to carry out your transplant in the best way posible. It’s advisable for you to find out about the kind of medical technology you should require to enjoy the best possible results from your hair surgery. Therefore, as follows, we present you with a list of the points you should consider before having your procedure done. 

Preliminary evaluation

To attain a rigorous clinical history of the patient and pinpoint with greater precision the problem of alopecia, it’s been vitally important to use powerful micro cameras to better evaluate the donor and receiver areas. 


Quality products and controls are indispensable to avoid any kind of infection in the surgery area and from the materials used as well. 

Procedure Materials

This point is of vital importance for getting to know the principal advances in hair surgery in recent years: 

– Extracting machine with a .7 mm punch for micro grafts using the innovative Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique 
– Special blades whose function is to cut and polish the follicular units needed to carry out each step in the Strip technique 
– High precision microscope whose specific function is to increase the image’s resolution to process the micro grafts with greater exactness 
– The use of magnifying glasses three to five times greater than actual size to increase the doctors’ yields by making the micro graft techniques capable of more minute detail 
– Angled blades from .8 to 1.3 mm to achieve exact incisions and the use of precision tweezers with ridges to properly store the micro grafts using the Strip Technique 
– Implanters from .8 to 1 mm to lodge the micro grafts with the high precision the innovative FUE technique requires. 



This robot is a high-technology medical instrument that facilitates the course of hair extraction and has been certified by the FDA and other regulatory institutions. This assistant employs digital images with the highest definition views in three dimensions. Its specific function is to map the scalp area, explore the different kinds of hair with precision and minutely examine each follicular unit. Its extreme exactness allows the extraction of hair units to become without a doubt one of the most sophisticated processes for hair restoration to be able to preserve its highly desirable natural look. The robot also continually monitors the treatment. It moves its head unexpectedly and adapts to the process without any loss of quality. Among its characteristics are: 

  • Its highly precise robotic movements with exact results.
  • Its digital and interactive image patterns in perfect sync with each movement.
  • Its digital screen that follows the follicles in three dimensions.
  • Its visual control for smart adjustments in response to a patient’s movements.

Its selective extraction system to attain a natural appearance in the donor area.
Kaloni is an international business renowned for its state-of-the-art centers and labor-intensive research in treatments against hair loss due to our integrity in offering the highest quality hair surgery options. We place the robotic assistant at your disposition. 

Our greatest commitment will always be to keep our sophisticated techniques in hair restoration at the cutting edge of research so as to offer you a made to measure solution. 

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