Do you know the instruments needed for your hair transplant?

instruments needed for your transplant

A hair transplant has undergone an extensive process of evolution in order to achieve the high performance that exists today. The path has been slow and complex due to the missing instrumentation in its beginnings, but these advances have been possible thanks to the patience and dedication of doctors who, like Dr. Ariel Diaz, have dedicated their lives to the progress of hair transplant.

The advance of innovative methodologies and the development of technological materials have made it possible to achieve, arrange, and implement grafts with greater perfection. In the early days, “punches” were used that contained between 10-20 follicles that looked like “doll’s hair”. Gradually, the size of the transplants has been reduced and, currently, the procedures are carried out with follicular units that are defined as natural groupings of 1-4 follicles, thus allowing to achieve a highly natural appearance and an unparalleled increase in the results of density.

Regardless of which clinic you decide to have your hair transplanted at, there are instruments necessary to perform your transplant in the best possible way. It is recommended that you know what kind of medical technology you should demand in order to enjoy the best possible result from your hair surgery and therefore, we present you with a list of points that you should take into consideration before you perform your procedure:

In order to achieve a rigorous clinical history of the patient and to have a more precise impact on the problem of alopecia, it has been of vital importance to use powerful micro cameras that allow a better evaluation both in the recipient and in the donor area.

Products and quality controls are essential for the absolute environmental asepsis of the surgical field and the material used in any intervention in the hair surgery area.

instruments needed for your transplant

This point is of vital importance to know what the main advances in hair surgery have been in recent years:

  • Extraction machine with 0.7 mm “punch” to obtain grafts with the innovative FUE Technique.
  • Special knives whose function is to cut and polish the follicular units required to carry out the development of the Strip Technique.
  • High precision microscope: whose specific function is to increase the image resolution to process the grafts more accurately. -The use of 3 to 5 magnification magnifiers to amplify the precision of the work. This increases the demands on the doctors’ results and the thoroughness of the hair implantation techniques during the procedure.
  • Angled blades from 0.8 to 1.3 mm for precise incisions, and the use of precision tweezers with teeth to properly house the grafts with the Strip Technique.
  • 0.8 and 1mm implanters to accommodate the grafts with the high precision required by the innovative FUE Technique.

Kaloni is an international company recognized for the vanguard of its centers and its arduous research in treatments against hair loss, and due to our inherent responsibility to offer the highest quality options in hair surgery, we make this instrument available to you.

Our commitment will always be to remain updated on the most sophisticated techniques in hair restoration to offer you a tailor-made solution.

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