This will be the new normality in the Kaloni clinics

New post-covid normality

In past months the world has suffered profound changes as a result of the COVID-19 contingency.
Now that we are looking for ways to resume our daily activities, we are reaching a post-Covid “new normal”, in which many are rethinking their priorities.

At Kaloni we are very clear that our priority is you, your well-being, and your safety. That is why we want to share with you some key points of our protocols so that you can visit us with the confidence that you will receive the best attention, without putting your health at risk.

New post-covid normality
Two minutes of reflection

We know that isolation has left you with a lot of emotions, and before you return to your routine, you must let them flow. Tell us about it:

What did you miss most in this quarantine? Going to the gym? Shopping? Going somewhere for recreation or leisure?

What did you do for yourself during this period? Did you get a makeover? Did you cut your hair? Did you grow a beard? Did you use any treatments to improve your appearance?

Some time ago we talked about the importance of being generous with yourself, of paying attention to those details that we overlook, but that are worth taking care of. It's the best way to show self-respect. Self-care is the reflection of a desire to be well and in harmony with the environment.

Are you ready to get out of the house and show the world your "new self"?

Welcome to the new normality at Kaloni

Kaloni is a center specialized in hair restoration and aesthetic procedures. As such, it has always followed a rigorous health and hygiene protocol. 

We work in an environment of controlled hygiene and our medical team is highly trained to respond to any situation so that the health of our patients is never put at risk.

During this period, we have reinforced some of our health safety measures to ensure the best experience.

Here are some of the most important measures.

Preparing to go to the clinic

New post-covid normality

1. Clinic visits will be moderately restricted to avoid heavy traffic, so it is important that you call ahead to schedule your appointment.

2. When you schedule your appointment, you will be given a brief survey to rule out any symptoms or discomfort associated with COVID-19. 

Do not wear any type of accessory: metallic, jewelry, scarves, handkerchiefs, ties, etc.

4. It is essential to use a disposable mask inside the clinic at all times.

5. Try to come alone to the clinic or, at most, with the company of one person in case you require assistance.

6. Your companion must also follow the clinic’s hygiene and safety protocols.

7. Upon arrival at the clinic, your temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer (if you have a fever, i.e. a temperature higher than 37.5°C, your visit will be canceled).

8. Also, when you enter the clinic you will be asked to remove your mask from the street and replace it with a new one which you will be given at the entrance.

9. Do not use gloves. If you do wear them, you will be asked to throw them away along with the street mask.

10. You will be provided with a hydroalcoholic solution (sanitizer) for hands.

11. Similarly, you will be given a shoe cover that you must wear during your stay at the clinic.

12. In the hypothetical case that you cross paths with another patient in the clinic, you must maintain a safe distance.

During your stay

new normality social distance Kaloni

1. Common areas will be sanitized every 4 hours.

2. All clinic staff, from reception, consultants, and assistance personnel will have specific and updated information on hygiene and protection protocols. 

3. All staff in the clinic will undergo daily triage to rule out symptoms related to COVID-19.

4. Consultants will wear permanent N95 masks and will be required to replace them at the end of their life.

5. For dermatological assessments and procedures where facial proximity is closer, staff will wear, in addition to the N95 mask, a mask, and latex gloves.

6. The gloves will have to be replaced after seeing each patient.

7. During the procedures, extreme care will be taken to sanitize spaces and devices before and after each intervention.

8. For the procedures, if you need to remove your clothes, you will be assigned a space in the dressing room, previously sanitized, where you can keep your belongings.

9. We will provide you with a disposable gown with which you will enter the procedure room.

10. Electronic or card payments will be privileged to ensure the least possible contact.

When you leave the clinic

1. After the procedure, you will be able to go through your belongings in the space assigned to you in the dressing room.

2. If it is a consultation or an assessment appointment, when you leave, do not say goodbye with a hand, kiss, or hug. 

3. Remember to take the contact details of your consultant or the executive who attended you.

4. Before leaving, leave the disposable material provided at the entrance in the assigned places.

5. Don’t forget to use sanitizing gel again before leaving. 

Virtual environment

Remember that we will continue to offer online evaluations, both for assessments and for follow-up after your procedure has been performed. We are working to make your experience more dynamic and friendly.

Remember the dynamics of virtual appointments:

– Leave us your details.

– An executive or a consultant will contact you to agree on a date and time for the virtual appointment.

– We will provide you with a link that you can enter at the assigned time.

– Virtual consultations have the same formality and protocol as a face-to-face appointment, so it is important to designate a physical space with adequate lighting and noise isolation, and a specific time in the agenda.

To keep in mind

If you experience symptoms associated with COVID-19 within 15 days of visiting the clinic, please contact your consultant or executive immediately to report your case. This will help us take the necessary measures and prevent the possible spread of the virus.

It is up to all of us to take care of ourselves.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our procedures, please feel free to leave your comments.

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