What are the pros and cons of hair transplant?


Alopecia or hair loss affects 55% of men worldwide. It begins to show at around 50 years old although in many cases it occurs at a younger age. Fortunately, there are treatments to combat it and one of them is hair micrografting, which is increasingly more common among men who have decided to live their lives without hair loss. According to a report by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), from 2014 to 2016 there was a 60% increase in the number of hair transplant procedures worldwide.

First, what’s a hair transplant?

A hair transplant o hair micrograft consists of transplanting your hair genetically resistant to falling out from the lower back of the head or its sides, to other areas in need of growth. 

What’s a hair micrograft procedure like? 

It’s a specialized microsurgery involving follicles with one to three hairs being removed one by one from the scalp and then inserted into areas in need. It’s a minimally invasive, ambulatory procedure, involving minimal discomfort since the donor and receiver areas are first locally anesthetized. The follicles are implanted in such a way that your new hair develops normally and looks good. 

What are the pros of hair transplant? 

Nowadays, in Kaloni, we’re aware men are subject to stress, pollution and poor nutrition. All this, together with factors such as genetic disposition and aging can undermine their health and provoke hair loss. So we seek to improve our clients’ quality of life starting with their self-image through providing hair micrograft’s many advantages:

  1. Since each patient is his or her own donor, the hair is genetically compatible so it’s accepted and doesn´t fall out.
  2. Innovative, state-of-the-art techniques are available now for hair transplants.
  3. The minor outpatient surgical procedure only takes a few hours before you can be discharged. 
  4. The procedure is safe and the local anesthesia assures minimal discomfort.
  5. Expert technicians in Kaloni perform hair micrografts in the proper conditions. 
  6. In Kaloni we make sure the hair is implanted at the right angle, depth and direction so it looks as natural as your original hair.  

Looking good means improving physically, mentally and emotionally, having a better attitude and greater energy to face new challenges every day. A hair transplant is not just cosmetic, it’s our way of helping our clients overcome time.

What are the cons of hair transplant? 

While there are many advantages of the procedure, some shortcomings remain:

  1. Not everyone is a candidate for a hair transplant, since it depends on the kind of alopecia and the causes of hair loss. 
  2. It’s not recommended for patients under 25 years old. 
  3. As previously mentioned, the procedure is a surgical method, which many don’t like. 
  4. The quantity of follicles implanted depends on the donor area thickness. Only between 20 and 25% can be extracted. 
  5. Without appropriate follow-up care the micrografts could get infected and endangered. 
  6. Most important, if the procedure is not done by qualified specialists, the transplanted follicles can be lost, and your investment would be wasted. 

Where can I have a hair transplant done? 

If you’re thinking of having a hair micrograft you should first consider with whom. It’s best to put yourself in expert hands since the micrografted hair’s development depends on it. 

It’s advisable to go to a specialized, highly-accredited center for your micrograft but in Mexico there’s inadequate regulation. High hair micrograft demand has led to unsuitably equipped clinics of doubtful quality to arise. In Kaloni we have more than two decades of experience and our treatments are internationally recognized, thanks to the quality of our services and the technology we rely on.

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