The path to a better result

Although it may seem to be too repetitive a topic, we’d like to explain to you why it’s so important to attend your evaluation appointment. 

Medical attention should be given in person. Whether it’s a high risk surgery or a Botox application, when you undergo a medical procedure it’s vital to be attended to by a professional who takes into account your clinical history and, on the basis of your expectations, can assess and offer you the treatment that meets all your needs. 

When you attend your evaluation appointment it allows us to evaluate you face to face and to put together a profile and clinical history, which is fundamental since some information may seem irrelevant but may be crucial to orient our experts to give you the results you so desire. Your evaluation appointment allows us to get to know you and to find out what specific needs we should consider so that the result is most satisfactory. 

It’s important to realize that at Kaloni we don’t just sell products like any other business but rather we treat patients like you who besides being different have specific needs and of course have diverse clinical histories. 

If you still don’t have an evaluation appointment, we invite you to get to know our facilities and to be evaluated by experts in hair loss. Be assured we’ll treat you with the respect and care a patient deserves and of course, we’ll find out and offer you the right procedure so you can have the result you wish. 

Life is better with Kaloni!

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