Will it hurt? Find out!

Although many are already familiar with hair micro grafting’s incredible degree of effectiveness, the topic continues causing some uncertainty since, although it’s a matter of a simple, ambulatory method, it’s still a medical procedure. 

For this reason we write about one of the topics that causes the most controversy regarding micro grafting: pain

Does hair micro grafting really hurt?

The micro graft consists of relocating your own follicles to the areas affected by hair loss and although you may not believe it, the discomfort is minimal. 

To begin the procedure, it’s necessary to apply little injections of local anesthesia to the donor area, the nape or lower back of the head, and to the receiver areas like the upper forehead and crown. This may be the only time you may feel any discomfort. Thanks to how quickly the anesthesia takes effect, you won’t be bothered during the rest of the procedure, so you can listen to music, watch movies or even surf the Internet while we attend to you. 

It’s important to keep in mind that our experts treat patients with greater or lesser sensitivity every day. Be assured we’ll be able to create the ideal environment to help you restore your hair in the most comfortable and cordial way possible. 

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