By - Kaloni

Minerals that help your hair grow: do you know which they are?

A healthy diet based on rich and varied foods will always contribute to optimal hair growth. We are what we eat, and the more varied our diet, the healthier our hair will grow. In today’s blog, we will talk about the minerals that encourage hair growth, and we’ll tell you which foods you can find them. Minerals that encourage hair

hair transplant 3 months
By - Kaloni

3 Months After Your Hair Transplant, the First Signs of Progress

The most difficult stage in your journey toward getting your hair back is coming, so hang in there! It’s been more than four weeks since your procedure, and you’re probably noticing some big changes already. The transplant site might even look balder than before, but there’s no reason to worry. Remember that this is a long process, and every ounce