instruments needed for your transplant
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Do you know the instruments needed for your hair transplant?

A hair transplant has undergone an extensive process of evolution in order to achieve the high performance that exists today. The path has been slow and complex due to the missing instrumentation in its beginnings, but these advances have been possible thanks to the patience and dedication of doctors who, like Dr. Ariel Diaz, have dedicated their lives to the

long hair transplant
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Trends in hair transplant: Can long hair be implanted?

We know that alopecia is a condition that affects almost half of the population from the age of 30 and that with age this problem becomes more evident. Therefore, it is more and more frequent to find different solutions to control hair loss and reduce the effects of baldness. We have already talked about some techniques, such as hair cloning,

What is hair cloning
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What is hair cloning?

If this is the first time you have had the opportunity to read about hair cloning, you may find this note to be a typical story by Isaac Asimov. However, the scientific community is tirelessly investigating the possibility of making this innovative procedure a reality, which is none other than solving the problem of alopecia once and for all. Although

What is sexism
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What is sexism and how to Re-direct my behavior in front of them

In different ways, we were led to believe at birth that we were better at certain activities, especially those involving skill, strength, physical effort, or competition with others. We grew up with the understanding that to be a “man”, we had to show it by having dirt on our face and hands, away from other options that did not involve