glam rock
By - Kaloni

Glam rock: a change in masculinity or sexism in disguise?

From the thick howling of Howlin’ Wolf, the sexually referenced lyrics of Little Richard, and the hip movements of Elvis Presley, the beginnings of rock were strongly related to masculinity and sexuality. It was natural that jeans and leather jackets became a gender symbol: the former, a popular garment among the working class of the time (mostly men); and the

By - Kaloni

Being a man today: our role in contemporary society

The evolution of man, as a genre, has not been linear, but it has had in common a fundamental aspect that has permeated throughout history and has built societies as we know them: thinking of man as the protagonist and form of power. Judgments and emerging elements in progressing societies in the past accustomed us to see that man was

the gender roles shorten our lives
By - Kaloni

How gender roles can shorten our lives

You may have heard: men die more than women. Some people say this in a context where women are claiming their right to be safe. The increase in femicide and gender-based violence is real around the world. Yes, there is indeed a higher death rate among men; however, the context, reasons, and forms are different and cannot be compared under