By - Kaloni

Hair, beard, and mustache 2021: this will set the trend in men’s style

If 2020 was an atypical year, from which we still feel its memories. 2021 will also show how it influenced all aspects of life, among them, our hairstyle, beard, and mustache. Although every year we expect the trends that will define the next 12 months; 2021 changed based on the needs, desires, and comforts of people. Hair: take risks (whatever

By - Kaloni

Kaloni appreciates your support and confidence

2020 came as a new opportunity to achieve our goals and strive for our dreams. We were eager to see how our friends and family reached their goals to share and celebrate; we know that not everything is great all the time, but we also know that with effort can be overcome difficulties. Everything seemed to indicate that the coming

By - Kaloni

Holidays 2020: Some ideas to enjoy in the new normal

Many of us probably didn’t think we would make it to the holidays in the middle of the pandemic; we thought this would happen faster, and we can enjoy our meetings and dinners as usual. However, unfortunately, the numbers of positive cases of COVID around the world continue to rise, and we need to continue with the prevention and health