By - Kaloni

4 tips to start drinking water every day

If you want to have healthy hair, drinking water is key. You are probably aware of this already because everyone always says this, but it is important to understand why and how our hair benefits so much from drinking water. First, let’s take a look at some key facts: our scalp is covered in blood vessels that carry necessary nutrients

By - Kaloni

Am I enough of a man?

Since time immemorial, across cultures and societies, humanity has created concepts of what men should be like.  It is now evident that there is no single way to be a man. However, global beauty standards have led men (and women) to compare ourselves with others and even become obsessed with a timeless concern: am I enough of a man? The

By - Kaloni

A brief history of hair transplants

Although it may be very normal and ordinary for us these days to use advanced yet minimally invasive technology, arriving at this level of advancement required the work of pioneers who broke the ground with their research, and this includes hair transplants. The first thesis that provided a hair transplant method was written in 1822 by Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach and