responsable fatherhood-cover
By - Kaloni

The future is responsible and egalitarian fatherhood

In the last few years, we have witnessed how society is reformulating concepts such as what a man is, what that represents, what that means for others, and what it takes for us to become involved in these cultural shifts in a healthy and responsible way. But most importantly, we are seeing changes in the actions that we take to

By - Kaloni

FUE Technique Hair Transplant: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this post, we will take a close look at what happens when a patient wants to undergo a FUE-technique hair transplant at Kaloni. The process is customized to suit every patient’s needs, and each patient is provided professional guidance every step of the way.  A step-by-step guide to FUE-technique hair transplants: Patient arrival  When the patient arrives at the