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By - Kaloni

The future is responsible and egalitarian fatherhood

In the last few years, we have witnessed how society is reformulating concepts such as what a man is, what that represents, what that means for others, and what it takes for us to become involved in these cultural shifts in a healthy and responsible way. But most importantly, we are seeing changes in the actions that we take to

By - Kaloni

Am I enough of a man?

Since time immemorial, across cultures and societies, humanity has created concepts of what men should be like.  It is now evident that there is no single way to be a man. However, global beauty standards have led men (and women) to compare ourselves with others and even become obsessed with a timeless concern: am I enough of a man? The

By - Kaloni

Books you can read to leave your inner “alpha male” behind

The truth is that everything has changed. There is not much to say: society has progressed in many ways, technology astounds us more with each day, teenagers come together on social media to make Wall Street tycoons beg for mercy, so as not to lose their fortunes, and every day, women continue to break through centuries-old glass ceilings. There is

By - Kaloni

Jobs that some people believe are only for women

As societies evolved and different forms of government took shape, tasks were assigned to each sector of the population, and gender roles began to define the working lives of men and women.  Across millennia, work duties related to care, assistance, household chores, and child rearing, were thought to be meant for women, who were also expected to demonstrate obedience and

glam rock
By - Kaloni

Glam rock: a change in masculinity or sexism in disguise?

From the thick howling of Howlin’ Wolf, the sexually referenced lyrics of Little Richard, and the hip movements of Elvis Presley, the beginnings of rock were strongly related to masculinity and sexuality. It was natural that jeans and leather jackets became a gender symbol: the former, a popular garment among the working class of the time (mostly men); and the

By - Kaloni

Being a man today: our role in contemporary society

The evolution of man, as a genre, has not been linear, but it has had in common a fundamental aspect that has permeated throughout history and has built societies as we know them: thinking of man as the protagonist and form of power. Judgments and emerging elements in progressing societies in the past accustomed us to see that man was

the gender roles shorten our lives
By - Kaloni

How gender roles can shorten our lives

You may have heard: men die more than women. Some people say this in a context where women are claiming their right to be safe. The increase in femicide and gender-based violence is real around the world. Yes, there is indeed a higher death rate among men; however, the context, reasons, and forms are different and cannot be compared under

Self-care tips that men should keep in mind
By - Kaloni

Self-care tips that men should keep in mind

We understand that self-care is taking care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. But it goes beyond a simple term; it is a task of observation, acceptance, and action on behalf of ourselves. Self-care is not new, but in recent years its importance has become visible. It is not only the decision to go to the doctor if something

Men don't cry: the lie they told us
By - Kaloni

Men don’t cry: the lie they told us (and we must forget)

We spend all our formative years in school, learning about mathematical formulas, important dates in history, capitals cities, and name elements from the periodic table. We learn all these data, but at the same time, the emotional education we receive is null, through personal experiences we become aware of what love, disappointment, anger, fear, joy, sadness, and all other feelings

Facts about men's long hair in history
By - Kaloni

10 facts about men’s long hair in history

It would seem that short hair in men has been constant since the times of Julius Caesar. But biblical stories such as that of Samson, whose legend points out that he would lose all his physical strength if he cut his hair, and representations of ancient cultures show us that long hair was much more present than we think. The