hair health
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Plants that can improve your hair’s health

Phytotherapy is a medical research field that studies the ways in which plants can prevent, treat, or cure various symptoms or illnesses. When it comes to hair health issues, phytotherapy provides benefits that range from improving blood flow to significantly reducing hair loss. Hair follicles are living structures, and their development stages are very similar to those of plants. Hair

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I am a man and, yes, I got a cosmetic procedure done

I made the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure because I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror. I tried other methods, and I ruled out the possibility of surgery, but I was still upset with the flaws in my appearance.  Before the procedure, I was really struggling with my self-esteem. Everyone said that I looked great,

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5 Hair Care Myths That You’ve Probably Heard Before

There are so many stories, myths, and pieces of advice about hair care out there, that the list of those we heed and those we should probably do some more research on gets longer every day.  In this article, we will debunk some of these myths and clear up any doubts that you may have, but above all, we will

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Is Kaloni a franchise? Here’s everything you need to know

By this point, you are probably wondering: what exactly does Kaloni do? Which services do they offer? Why are so many people talking about this company? Is it a franchise? Don’t worry, we are going to tell you a little bit more about who we are and why we are leaders in the hair transplant industry. Our strengths Kaloni was

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Celebrating Black History Month

What do Serena Williams, Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, and Toni Morrison have in common? They are all black history-makers. Every year, across the United States, Americans celebrate Black History Month during the month of February. It is a nationally-observed holiday dedicated to celebrating important figures and events that are part of African-American history and the wider history of the African

Intuitive eating
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Intuitive eating: listening and nourishing your body

Eating is a basic need that we have to cover in order to live and be healthy, but it is also an activity that we enjoy and brings us satisfaction. However, both men and women can sometimes fall into unhealthy relationships with food as a result of society’s mandates over what is beautiful or what we should look like. And

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Kaloni appreciates your support and confidence

2020 came as a new opportunity to achieve our goals and strive for our dreams. We were eager to see how our friends and family reached their goals to share and celebrate; we know that not everything is great all the time, but we also know that with effort can be overcome difficulties. Everything seemed to indicate that the coming

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Holidays 2020: Some ideas to enjoy in the new normal

Many of us probably didn’t think we would make it to the holidays in the middle of the pandemic; we thought this would happen faster, and we can enjoy our meetings and dinners as usual. However, unfortunately, the numbers of positive cases of COVID around the world continue to rise, and we need to continue with the prevention and health