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7 resolutions to improve your image in 2023

Whenever the end of the year comes around, we give ourselves the opportunity to renew ourselves with new promises and goals for our improvement.

In some years it happens that we actually achieve some of our goals and many others we repeat and repeat the same desire without being able to advance, so at Kaloni we invite you to incorporate any of these 7 purposes to improve your image with important tips to be able to fulfill them. .

Why 7? Very simple. 7 is a magic number. Starting the year with 7 resolutions to improve your image instead of 12 is foreboding and encouraging. Also, it is easier to have 7 concrete goals than 12 wishful thinking, don’t you think?

1 Stop smoking

Yes, it turns out that there are many reasons why quitting can help you improve your image and I will tell you some:

A) Many of the chemical components of cigarettes release free radicals which “oxidize” us and make us age faster.

B) You will feel more energetic and fit from the first week you quit smoking.

C) To achieve this, there are addiction clinics or doctors who help you on this complicated path where many fail more than alcohol.

2 Stop soda and sugary drinks

A) An investigation on telomeres, diet, lifestyle and cancer carried out by the Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, made a correlation between the intake of sugary soft drinks and the length of telomeres, noting that these are shorter in habitual consumers of sodas.

If you wonder what telomeres are, I’ll tell you this simply: They are the protective parts of the chromosomes that allow your cells to reproduce. If the telomere is very short, the cells simply do not multiply. That is, there is no regeneration, and therefore, you age faster. In addition, by reducing the consumption of sugars you also reduce the risk of suffering from obesity or diabetes.

B) Many people struggle to give up sugars until they enter therapy and medical management, since sugars generate addiction.

3 Enter therapy for stress management and / or depression

Many times we underestimate two things: Mental conditions and the ability of health professionals to resolve these issues, but believe me that if you give yourself a chance to enter therapy you could discover wonderful things.

A) Stress is the cause of free radicals which mistreat your whole body and you can more clearly see it in your hair which tends to fall more when you go through an anxiety-depressive disorder.

B) If you want a real renewal, entering therapy will give you the right bases for a real change and to be able to perceive things that you could not see before.

C) If one of your New Year’s wishes is to improve relationships with your family, therapy is a great option.

D) If you have failed in efforts to lose weight or achieve other goals in your life, the root of the problem may be in anxiety, so entering therapy is essential.

4 Take a tantra class or course on sexology

If your life as a couple has seemed monotonous or you simply want to improve, why not relight the flame of passion? In addition, everyone will notice it and according to research from the American Heart Association, having a full sex life helps you live longer and better by delaying aging.

A) With tantra you can learn more about your body and achieve male multi-orgasms. Yes! Exist. You too can have multiple orgasms like many women.

B) With advanced knowledge of sexuality you will be able to have the maturity to propose new experiences, be able to listen to your partner in his fantasies and expand the sexual life of both. Did someone say play?

5 Improve your body with proven procedures

Although it is true we all age, today we have at our disposal endless tools that help us improve our image and skin quality.

A) You should always take care that the place you go to is certified with true health professionals, this to avoid results that are unpleasant or disastrous.

B) There are very new techniques such as Monopolar Radiofrequency that allows smoothing the skin and giving it a much younger appearance.

C) Over time we lose fat in the face (although we win in other places) becoming an excellent option to fill specific areas on the face and believe me the result is better than expected. By going to a specialist, they can guide you to opt for a dermal filler treatment. This way you can forget about droopy eyelids, cheeks or double chin.

D) With the micro focused ultrasound you can generate collagen stimulation in your tissues, improving the elasticity and quality of the skin avoiding aging.

E) It is important that a professional value you and put your health above all else. With this you will avoid risky procedures or remain with the “mask” type face that some celebrities generate, this because they lost control and real vision of their own bodies and did not have a professional to tell them “It is NOT convenient!”

6 Stop hair loss

Take into account that few things can age you as much as baldness, so if you have the opportunity to implant hair, it is worth a try.

A) You will feel more secure in your daily relationships, you will even have more professional success, because believe it or not, people with hair tend to have more leadership responsibilities.

B) The implanted hair is not lost, so it is an excellent decision for life to have an implant.

7 Enter dance and etiquette courses

Much of our education comes from home, but what if there are things to improve? Have you noticed the number of men who date a beautiful woman and although they do their best they chew with their mouths open, they make strange noises, they are inaccurate in their movements or they are not able to feel safe dancing? Well, this is the year for you to affirm your personality and self-confidence.

As you can see there are very achievable goals that will reaffirm your status with important contributions to your life.

If you are one of those who believes that each year allows you a renewal, a clean slate, then I invite you to achieve this together.

Tell us, what other purposes would you add to improve your image this 2023?

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