Kaloni Complete® offers a full treatment with a line of hair loss shampoos by maintaining a healthy scalp, hair loss is avoided and prevented.


This shampoo nourishes the follicle with natural proteins that strengthen hair and make it shiny. It can be used daily by massaging it with fingertips and leaving it on for a couple of minutes.
You will notice how your hair becomes stronger and falls out less.


Our hair lotion works as a local vasodilator. It gradually thickens the veins that feed each follicle, resulting in visibly thicker hair.
Spray five to seven times in the morning and at night on the areas affected by loss or thinning, in a few weeks


This shampoo eliminates excess oil from the scalp without being aggressive.
We recommend to use it one or two times a week depending on the amount of oil on the scalp. As with the hair-loss shampoo, apply and massage scalp with fingertips. After a couple of minutes you will notice a cleaner, oil-free scalp.


It maintains scalp hydrated 24 hours and instantly gives a moisturizing sensation as it protects cells from free radicals.

It also soothes scalp redness, irritations and itches by balancing its PH; it can be used daily.


Arginine is an amino acid that helps improve blood supply to the scalp.

This helps the follicle and because of its different properties, it reduces hair loss.

Provide your hair with vitamins and make it look healthy and strong

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